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At HP Logistics, we work closely with our partners to offer the best in kind services to our partners. We believe strongly in close collaboration and achieving the best value for client.

Quality Management

We define and ensure that Quality Management as our top priority. It embrace quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.

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With our trusted partners, we offer contract logistics services, freight services, port logistics, turnkey project, warehousing and customized solutions at competitive pricings. You can be assured of a total solution from our team of fully committed professionals.

Who we are


HP logistics is a leading logistics provider and total waste management, industrial and environmental services company based in Singapore.
Established in 2008, HP logistics managed to grow into a Private Limited company in 2012 and it majors in industrial and general waste management, covering the treatment and logistics services of hazardous and precarious oil and chemical waste from the industrial and transportation sectors.

As one of the approved integrated waste management and logistics providers in Singapore, Our team at HP logistics is keen to harnessing technology to improve our customer service and operating competence. We have entire fleet of dedicated GPS-equipped vehicles, lorry cranes that enables us to provide timely updates to our customers and crane lifting services. In addition to waste management, we have expanded our services to interior designing, installation of CCTVs, and provide simultaneous interpreters for conferences.

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In addition, we offer transportation, lifting, logistics and other service and We are also accredited with Bizsafe level Star which allows operation to flow smoothly with minimum exposure to accidental risks.
Aside from our ground-breaking logistics and integrated waste management services.
In HP logistics, we work with partners to offers expert and economical Logistics and transportation..

A vast range of other services provided by HP Logistics..

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide hassle-free, safe, efficient, and, pocket-friendly solutions to value-add to our investors through improved practices and technological innovation in the logistics, transportation, and, waste management industries.

what we do

Sustainability is at the core of whatever we do. We contribute to environmental sustainability with our industry-best waste management solutions while promoting waste minimization for the environment at the same time. We are Singapore’s appointed NEA-licensed integrated waste management and logistics

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